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Factory, FHER hydraulics for trucks
hidraulica Factory, FHER hydraulics for trucks hidraulica
Factory, FHER hydraulics for trucks

Experts on hydraulics for trucks. More than 50 years manufacturing hydraulic components for trucks.

Company Profile: Hidraulica Fher was started up in 1957 to satisfy the existing demand for pumps used in tipping trucks in Spain at that time.

After analysing the technical requirements which had to be met for pumps used in tipping trucks, the BHE radial piston pumps were designed and began to be manufactured. This pump, which is still manufactured today, had a fully-tested resistance, a working pressure of up to 350 Bar and a competitive price. These characteristics quickly made it a sales success in the market for trucks as well as in agriculture.

Since then, we have manufactured hundreds of thousands of piston pumps and have gained an extensive know-how in the development and manufacturing of all types of hydraulic components.


Nowadays our range of hydraulic components for trucks includes axial and radial piston pumps, as well as vane and gear pumps, axial piston motors, vane motors, power take-offs, hydraulic and pneumatic valves, and many other accessories.

Fher has the flexibility and capacity for response of a small company, together with the necessary technical skills to design and manufacture special components according to our customers needs.

The quality of our products along with an excellent customer service and reasonable prices allow us to export 75% of our production to numerous countries all around the world.

Our business policy aim for the building of long-term relationships with our customers, based on trust and collaboration.




 Our factory facilities:

proving stand Factory, FHER hydraulics for trucks

technical office, FHER hydraulics for trucks

office, FHER hydraulics for trucks
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fabrica fher
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