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BB Pumps:
Bent axis axial piston pumps:
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BB Pumps:  Bent axis axial piston pumps hydraulics fher

This is a modern and high-performance pump for all applications, including the most demanding ones.
It has a compact and light-weight design, thanks to the use of aluminium external parts.
Direct assembly in lorry power take-offs according to the European ISO 7653 standard (four holes).
There is also another variant with an agricultural type shaft of 1"3/8 (35 mm.). Other versions will be introduced soon with mounting flanges and shafts according to SAE standards.
Flows of 45, 63, 78, 82 and 112 cc/rev.
Flows of 20 and 30 cc/rev. will be available shortly. 
Maximum intermittent pressure: 350 Bar.

BRT and BRE pumps: cat BRT fher
cat BRE fher

BRT and BRE  gear Pumps hydraulics Fher

Uni-rotational (BRT) or bi-rotational (BRE) gear pumps.
For applications in the need for moderate pressure and performance.
Available for direct assembly in power take-offs according to the UNI (three holes) or ISO (four holes) standards.
Flows from 17 to 151 cc/rev.
Maximum intermittent pressure up to 300 Bar (depending on flows).

Valves: catalogue fher


Hydraulic and pneumatic valves.
Hydraulic valves pneumatically operated for tipping trucks.
Pneumatic valves for power take-off and hydraulic valve operation.
Comprehensive range of solenoid valves, flow control valves and pressure limiting valves.


Accessories: catalogue fher



Oil tanks, filters, cable controls for power take-offs, mini air compressors, speed multipliers and reversers. Standard subplates and custom made manifolds for valves.

Others: catalogue fher

Fuel inyector testers


Fuel inyector testers.

BP Pumps: catalogue fher

BP pumps

Vane pumps for trucks.
They stand out due to their low sound level.
Performance superior to the gear pumps and inferior to the piston pumps.
High speeds and medium pressures (210 Bar).
Long life due to its design featuring hydraulic forces balance.
Direct assembly in truck power take-offs according to the European ISO 7653 standard (four holes).
Easy repair thanks to its interchangeable cartridge.
Flows from 19 to 66 cc/rev

VQ and DT Pumps: catalogue fher

Denison VQ and DT Pumps

Single, double and triple vane pumps.
SAE B and SAE C flanges for assembly separate to the power take-off.
Used when a high flow, a long life or a reduced noise level is needed.
Flows from 11 to 270 cc/rev (single pumps), 270+191 (double pumps) and 270+191+100 (triple pumps)
Pressures: Up to 300 bar (depending on models).

BHE Pumps: catalogue fher

BHE Pumps
Radial piston pumps.
High pressure pumps with a reasonable cost.
Great resistance to oil contamination.
Their high volumetric and mechanical efficiency, even at low speed, means less power consumption and less heating of the oil.
Their characteristics make them suitable for low speed applications with medium to high pressure, like, for example, agricultural machinery.
Available with a cylindrical shaft, an agricultural splined shaft and ISO 7653 coupling for direct assembly in the power take-off. 
Flows from 32 to 96 cc/rev.
Maximum intermittent pressure: 350 Bar.
B2V Pumps: catalogue fher

B2V Pumps

Vane pumps with built-in flow control and pressure limiting valves.
Used in small trucks and vans which do not allow for power take-off assembly.
Designed to be assembled in the vehicle engine, they can run in continuous duty.
The flow control valve supplies a constant output flow, regardless of the motor speed.
This avoids an excessive flow through the circuit, which reduces the heating of the oil as well as power losses.
The built-in pressure limiting valve simplifies and reduces the price of the hydraulic circuit.
Flows: From 7 to 15 cc/rev.
Maximum Pressure: 150 Bar.


Hydraulics motors: catalogue fher

Fher hydraulics motors

Bi-rotational vane and axial piston motors.
Flows: From 7 to 100 cc/rev. (vanes) and from 45 to 112 cc/rev. (axial pistons).

Pressures: 210 Bar (vanes) and 300 Bar (axial pistons).
Power take-offs: catalogue fher

Power take-offs

The power take-offs transmit the truck engine power to the pump. There are models to be mounted on gearbox and on vehicle engine.

Mounted on gearbox:

We have models for almost all the European, American and Japanese truck models.  
With pneumatic, mechanical or vacuum shifting system.
With ISO 7653 output of four holes for direct assembly of the pump, or with companion flange output for cardan transmission. Power take-offs with a double output for the assembly of two pumps are also available.

Mounted on engine:

For several European truck models.
In this case, the operation is continuous, with no possibility for disconnection.

ISO 7653 output for direct assembly of the pump.

Mini Power Packs: catalogue fher

ini power packs

Used in small trucks and vans which do not allow for power take off assembly. They are also an economical alternative in applications where the flow requirement is small.

They are made up of an electric motor of 12V or 24V, a gear pump, an oil tank and a central unit on which different types of valves may be assembled depending on the operation to be carried out.

Different motor powers, pump flows, tank capacities and valve configurations may be combined to adapt to all needs.


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